APRIL 2024 - MARCH 2025
Intentionally planning your life using a Vedic astrology calendar, you can harness the energies of the cosmos to support your personal growth, success, and fulfilment.


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Purchase your 58 page Vedic planner here

The Vedic planner is a calendar (to print) that includes the Vedic astrology zodiac dates, which is based on the sidereal system for the New Moons and Full Moons for April 2024, until March 2025 for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Each zodiac season beginning and ending.
The eclipse dates.
Equinox & Solstice dates.
The retrograde dates.
Major planetary movements.
Major Vedic/Hindu dates.
Each month has a page to set your intention for the month ahead.
Each month has a page dedicated to setting intentions and releasing and letting go around the lunar cycles.

Please note this calendar does not include your specific moon placements, if you want monthly individual guidance in addition to this join my monthly membership SHE IS COSMIC.

This calendar is designed to be printed.

The Vedic Planner encourages a deeper connection with time, inviting you to see it as a web of interconnected moments, each with its unique energy. This shift cultivates conscious co-creation of destiny, empowering you to actively shape your life.

In a world characterised by hustle and bustle, the Vedic Planner offers a sanctuary of stillness and reflection – a space where time becomes a sacred resource to be honoured and utilised with intention. It invites you to pause, recalibrate and align with the rhythms of the cosmos, creating a sense of harmony, balance and purpose in your life

These are some ways you could use this Vedic Planner:

Identify Favourable Times

Use the Vedic astrology calendar to identify favourable times for different activities based on the energy of the moon sign sand planetary movements. For example, certain moon signs may be more conducive to starting new projects, while others may be better suited for introspection or communication.

Work with Retrogrades and Eclipses

Be mindful of retrogrades and eclipses, which can bring about periods of introspection, review, and transformation. Use these times to reflect on past experiences, revise plans, and prepare for new beginnings once the retrograde or eclipse period has passed.

Set intentions and Goals

During favourable times in the Vedic astrology calendar, set intentions and goals aligned with your aspirations and values. Visualise your desired outcomes and take inspired action to manifest them in your life.

Stay Flexible and Adapt

While planning your life according to the Vedic astrology calendar, remain flexible and adaptable to unexpected changes and challenges. Trust in the wisdom of the cosmos and be open to new opportunities that may arise along the way.

Vedic Planner is open for purchase until 31st May 2024.

vedic planner

purchase your 58 page Vedic planner here

Once you have purchased the Vedic planner you will receive an email with your digital planner to download within 24 hours.
This Vedic Planner is deigned to be printed.