Cosmic Elements

Intimately, one-on-one, this mentorship is a bespoke approach with support based on your energetic blueprint. This mentorship will open your world to a completely new way to come into alignment of body, mind and soul and consciously embody your inner goddess – or your higher self.


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Your healing abilities lie within yourself.

In Ayurveda - the science of life, we empower with knowledge for self-healing. You have the tools for your journey forward and are not reliant on anything outside of yourself. This is the time to take your power back.

Armed with the knowledge of your birth chart (a snapshot of the sky when you were born), I provide you with a clear soul map that will shine the light on your path towards your destiny.

This mentorship is right for you if:

You love self-discovery and motivational books and body healing sessions, yet you are stuck on how to implement and embody what you learn.

You meditate, journal, read, pray, read positive quotes all day, but you are yet to feel the magic and feel stuck in the heavy 3D world.

You are confident but you want permission that you are on the right path, with limiting self-beliefs and fears derailing you from reaching the next 'level' of soul growth.

You are tired of people's judgement and shallow conversations and want to be seen and supported.

You have a big vision and know you incarnated at this time for a special purpose, and you are tired of living small.

You want a spiritual mentor that can open you up to, new cosmic consciousness concepts that you haven't explored yet - so that you can step into your highest abundant self.

If those statements resonate with you, then you are in the right place.

The mentorship

Soul Clarity Session (60 minutes)

A deep dive into your Vedic natal chart, we will use this soul blueprint as a guide to unlock your ultimate potential. We will map your ultimate vision and intention.

Lecture/Content Sessions (Monthly)

A new 30-minute lecture/information session will be uploaded every month. In these sessions, we will go over the month's current topic for integration.

1:1 Mentoring (Fortnightly)

40-minute mentoring calls fortnightly on Zoom to check-in on the integration and embodiment of the content, address any mindset and behavioural blocks that arise, and ensure you are supported and staying on track.

Accountability (Weekly)

After our fortnightly mentoring sessions, I will follow up through email and Voxer with weekly exercises to ensure you are taking all knowledge you learn and integrating them into your life.

Imagine if:

You had clarity around who you are, what you want and a deep sense of confidence that you are heading towards your soul destiny.

You understood your strengths and weaknesses.

You understood and trusted your intuition.

You had a clear strategy and soul map of your body, mind, and soul.

You felt connected to your soul power and feel its fearlessness.

You were in tune with your higher self and had the energetic frequency to manifest the impact and life you desire.

You felt deeply supported.

You can gain all of that and more with the Cosmic Elements Mentorship.

What's Covered


Living your full potential requires your full health.

  • The mother of all healing
  • Understand your doshas type (your unique mind-body type)
  • An individual approach to self-care with Ayurveda
  • Understanding high vibrational food and practices


A rich consciousness attracts riches.

  • The laws of the universe
  • The enchantment of words
  • Mastering your life with love and joy
  • Desire vs intention
  • Materialisation and imaging


Your soul itself is a star, a sun, a point of cosmic light.

  • The cosmic connection
  • The veil of amnesia
  • Connecting to your souls’ origins
  • Freedom through fulfilling your destiny

You are a perfect fit for this mentorship if:

You know you are destined to make a greater impact, have a greater purpose, but just can’t get out of your own way and make it happen.

You have been on a journey of self-discovery for a while now but feel like you haven’t had any major successes thus far, or you reached a plateau.

You need a mentor, someone who has been there and can really understand you,to help guide and support you through this journey and give you accountability.

Your self-limiting beliefs and fears have gotten in your way one too many times, and you are ready to finally take back your power and control.

You know your soul and you choose to be here on earth at this point in time, and you want to fulfil your soul purpose and release your karmic burdens.

You believe in MAGIC.

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Knowledge is the greatest purifier; the gift of knowing who you are is the foundation of all wisdom and liberation.

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