We look to the stars to see ourselves better, to discover the mysteries that lie within and around us. The main aim of Vedic astrology is to understand your dharma and your karma.


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The session

Looking at your birth chart can help you discover who you are, your dharma/purpose and what you need to do to be the best version of yourself. Astrology holds the answers to many of life’s questions—but only you have the power to act on them. This is where Vedic astrology is powerful as your will have the knowledge and be guided to practical ways to implement into your life.

For a soul reading you will need to know your birth date, birth location and your birth time to the exact minute - this is important to have accurate as the ascendant rising sign changes every 2 hours.


  • 90 minutes, via Zoom
  • Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will be undisrupted and can speak freely.
  • After our session (within 4 days) you will receive your recording and a PDF of key notes so you can integrate any remedies given. These can be in the form of gemstones, mantras, yantras, Ayurvedic body treatments or Vastu Shastra recommendations.

Vedic astrology is not only predictive and interpretative but provides practical methods called upayas to help you promote positive planetary influence and reduce those that are negative.

You will feel when it is time to come. Some clients see me once a month, twice a year or once in a lifetime for a light medicine reading.

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I will examine in our session;

  • Your key planet placements - your Ascendent (your social personality), Sun (your soul), and Moon (your mind & emotions) signs.
  • Your current dasha period - a planetary period, a particular stretch of time in your life that is ruled by a particular planet, so you can best use the energy of this period in your life.
  • Your Chiron placement – this is known as the wounded healer, a part of your life where you have emotional struggled/challenging, when this is alchemised, it becomes the greatest gift we can give to the world.
  • Your past lives so we can look at karma and discuss where your soul is moving from and towards so that you have awareness of not repeating or desiring a past that will not improve your karma.

You will feel when it is time to come and probably why you are reading this right now. Some of my clients work with my fortnightly, monthly, twice a year or once in a lifetime for a soul reading.

Nothing about your natal chart should surprise you, this will be an empowering confirmation and permission to your soul.



Vedic Astrology has been practiced for many thousands of years. The earliest writings can be found in the Vedas - ancient spiritual texts of the Hindus and the oldest books in existence, written 5,000 – 8,000 years ago. Astrology draws on the mathematics and observations of astronomy, and it uses these scientific tools as a means of analysing and measuring patterns over time, along with forecasting trends.

In my soul readings, I use your natal chart as a tool and map into your inner psyche that highlights your strengths, weaknesses, potential blind spots, and your limiting perceptions. This self-awareness helps to guide you to meet your ultimate potential in the world.

A light medicine reading is not fatalistic, and I am not infallible. Although the natal chart shows your highest potential and probabilities, you always have free will. Utilised in the correct way, it is an empowering map that ‘lights up’ the path of our soul.

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Loved my soul astrology session with Tarra. I run my own businesses and live a really full life that I love! Tarra's work has helped me further refine my life's mission and purpose, it has helped me understand myself on an even deeper level and her insights really prompt me to further align my life and my businesses to my highest calling.

I firmly believe that every entrepreneur and high performer should have someone like Tarra in their life to help them see the big picture of what they want to create. She helps you find your path of "least resistance".

Tarra is a beautiful, old soul and I am immensely grateful to have her as part of my team.


Gentle and non-judgemental, Tarra Lee is a wise guide with the magical ability to translate ancient teachings into the modern world. Progressive in her approach, she is a wealth of knowledge for understanding one's soul lessons, mission and purpose, and how to navigate human life in harmony.


Tarra is an astro angel! Her guidance, teaching, and insights of the sky helped me navigate the often murky and rocky waters of 2020. Connecting and communicating with Tarra helped me make sense of and gain clarity into my life, my business, and everything I was moving through. Tarra is a divine source of support.


I had been looking for a little while now for someone to read my birth chart and I am so glad that it worked out, to be you! I really loved our session. Every single thing you said in our session resonated with me. I was so close to tears multiple times during our session, and, after our session, I had a release of tears in the best way.  It was just this full body release. I didn't realize how much I needed to be given "permission". 


I had a Soul Empowerment Astro-Reading with Tarra and I was blown away by the depth and accuracy of the reading. In one session she helped me understand my vedic chart, my past lives, dasha periods etc., and most importantly how to leverage this knowledge to live and embody my truth. The reading gave me confirmation about my purpose, and strategies to move forward. After our call I felt clear, empowered and excited about my future. I highly recommend Tarra if you want a comprehensive reading and guidance from a beautifully intuitive & connected being. Thank you so much Tarra, you're amazing my love.


My session with Tarra was like looking at the clock workings of my soul - answering questions I only asked inside myself but also confirming what I already understood about myself and more. I was amazed at how much information could be gathered from my chart. She is not only a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner but her ability to take a very complex science and make it easily understandable is unique. The suggested remedies were practical and easy to follow - just taking dedication. I came away from my session with Tarra with my cup overflowing, excited for what my future holds.


My gosh, you are so amazing at what you do!! I am so grateful and will use this knowledge in all of my practices. I feel as though this has clarified so much for me and crystallised my purpose – I already had an inclination, but this has cemented everything for me. For that, I will forever be grateful for what you have done for me! I literally cannot put the magnitude of my gratitude for you into words – it is huge.


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We generally book out 2-3 months in advance and recommend booking early to hold a spot.

I look forward to connecting with you in divine timing.

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