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Spiritual besties chatting all things stars, skin, science, sex and self-love.

Dedicated to the woman who is ready to reclaim her power, who dares to take up space and express herself fully. A witch is a woman who embraces nature and its cycles, and who knows she is magic.

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For someone who is less spiritual and looking to tap into that part of me, I have found this podcast to be the perfect step into doing so. I have worked with Emily before and her knowledge is endless. I love how I am learning to find my inner witch and so see where that path takes me. Keep up the awesome work ladies. These episodes are truly amazing.


Thank you Emily and Tarra for such a wonderful podcast that is so informative. I love that both of you come from different backgrounds but align in so many ways. You’ve done all the research for us and give us all the information succinctly in easy to understand ways. I can’t wait to see what other guests you have coming up!


Love this podcast and the in-depth knowledge of the two women behind it! Even the title of it is exciting haha. Keep shining girls, I’m loving it!


Thank you for the informative & empowering podcasts. I love this collaboration along with all the personal stories shared from hosts & guest speakers. Well done on raising awareness through quality information.


The perfect combination of naturopathy, Ayurveda and astrology. Such great insights into understanding a female's body and how to lean into the natural ebbs and flow of our menstrual cycle. Really enjoyed the insight into historical rituals around our menstrual cycle. Will be tuning in on the regular.


I’ve literally been on a hunt for a poddy that talks about astrology, moon cycles and natural wellness practices in a way that’s easy to understand… and now I’ve found it Since the birth of my son almost a year ago, my focus has moved from chasing the hustle to finding alignment and this poddy is going to be a great resource for my journey.