Vedic Health Consultation

Combining Ayurveda and Medical Astrology to create a unique and customised esoteric, and scientific guide for your whole health.


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The session

In the health reading, I work one-on-one with you, treating you holistically and individually by combining Ayurveda and Medical Astrology. I apply dietary and lifestyle interventions, Sādhanā (spiritual practice) recommendations for body-work therapies and herbal medicine to bring about positive change. This consultation focuses on preventive healthcare as well as health promotion on
diet and lifestyle through traditional Ayurvedic medical science principles and practices.


  • 90 minutes, via Zoom
  • During a typical evaluation, I take a complete medical and lifestyle history, based upon this assessment, a personalised body/mind/spirit health-enhancing prescription is formulated - which may include recipes, sadhana, herbs, flower essences and/or body work recommendations. You will receive this within 7 days after your consultation.
  • Three weeks after our initial session, you will receive a follow-up Voxer/WhatsApp message. You will have the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions that you may have regarding our session. There is also the opportunity to continue our work together if required.

Astrology is the original science of knowledge devised by human beings. Foundations of medical practice demonstrate that medicine developed from astrology. Ancient systems of medicine like Ayurveda आयुर्वेढ (the science of life) medicine considers the astrological influences.

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The process


We start with your Prakruti. Prakruti - meaning "initial creation” I determine this from your natal chart. The prakriti represents the combination of the tridoshas (energetic constitution) you were born with before deviations took place. The three doshas are, Vata (air & ether), Pitta (fire & water) and Kapha (water & earth). You are constituted with these three doshas, each of us inherits them in differing proportions. Your prakriti remains unchanged during your lifetime and is genetically determined.  


Next, we look at your Vikru – which means “to alter”. Your vikruti is an altered condition of the body, mind, and consciousness, which is an imbalance of the doshas. We compare this to your Prakruti, as this is your natural state of equilibrium for you. To find out the vikru we will work through a series of questions of your life history and present in relation to your health, body, and mind.


I overlay this information with reading planet placements in your natal chart. Your natal chart from a medical astrology perspective, can bring your attention to any vulnerabilities so we can work on strengthening these areas. This will include looking at your ascendant sign, your 6th (house of health) and 12th house (house of healing), your Saturn placement and your dasha period (planetary periods).

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In medical astrology, your natal chart shows vulnerability to certain types of disease or health problems. Hippocrates, the Greek physician regarded as the father of medicine, believed that a patient's astrological sign gave clues to what they're at risk for and can therefore be used as an early medical history for genetic screening. He and his school believed that the signs corresponded to different areas of the body that would be in greater danger of disease and trauma in the patient.

Hippocrates was a huge believer in astrology science and its powerful effects on the human mind and body. He and his protege often based medical theories on astrological movements and would even take the patient’s zodiac sign before they would begin any medical treatment. Hippocrates even taught astrology to his medical students.



Ayurveda has its roots in Indian antiquity and has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years. This ancient sacred knowledge is a healing system which does not simply repress symptoms but treats you by working to find and eliminate the root cause of the disease.

The science of Ayurveda provides you with the knowledge and regimes to continually bring yourself back into balance, covering all aspects of your nature, physical, psychological, and spiritual.



I am passionate about educating, supporting, and inspiring you to nurture your ultimate longevity and empower you to be your own healer.

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